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 Information contained in "Ask the Experts" is for informational and educational purposes only. Such information is not intended to replace, and should not be interpreted or relied upon as, professional advice, whether medical or otherwise. I have read the complete MDA Ask the Experts' Disclaimer, understand and agree to its terms.

Summary of Previous Responses:

Last Update: 05/12/2004 Approximate date of response given after each "SUBJ" below.

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May 2004
Peptide tossico Beta-amiloide 42
Allenamento per triathlon, sport competitivo?

March 2004
Thyroid — CellCept
Brain Affected?

February 2004
Hypersensitivity Of The Feet

December 2003
Mental Abilities
Muscle Cell Regeneration

novembre 2003
Uncontrolled Bowel Movements
Rapid Drop in CPK level
Sudden Onset of Symptoms and Death

September 2003

July 2003

May 2003
Neck and Jaw Pain

novembre 2002
Anesthesia and IBM

October 2002
Stomach Discomfort

March 2002
Electrical Stimulation With IBM

January 2002
Pain Relief With IBM

October 2001
Drug-Induced Myositis

September 1999
Anesthetic Concerns in Neuromuscular Diseases

August 1999
Depression and Myositis

February 1999
Radiology's Role in the Diagnosis and Treatment of MD

December 1998
Dental Concerns and Oral Manifestations

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